The Barrington Library has long been an important part of the Town’s history; in fact, since 1795 during George Washington’s second term as president. Over the centuries it has been located in a series of corners and small spaces in private homes, churches and municipal buildings. But it has never had a home of its own designed to serve as a community library. With your support, that is about to change!

Most recently, in 1973, the Library moved into a metal, manufactured building on Ramsdell Lane shared at the time with the Town Hall and Police Station. The Town offices moved into a new space and later, in 2000, after the police moved into the Public Safety building, the Library expanded into the entire top floor, a 3,700 square-foot space . Even then, the Library Trustees cautioned it was, at best, a 10-year “temporary” solution until a larger facility would be needed. It is now nearly 8 years beyond that estimated time frame. The Recreation Department gym, small office, and the Food Pantry are located in the level below.

Meanwhile, since the Library moved into the current building 45 years ago, Barrington’s population has quadrupled from about 2,000 to nearly 9,000 − and the growth is expected to continue. The NH Office of Energy and Planning predicts the population will exceed 10,600 by 2025. As the population has steadily expanded so, too has the collection of books, items, services and activities the Library provides free to the community. But the size of the building has not!