The Trustees of the Barrington Public Library and Directors of the Barrington Library Foundation acknowledge, with sincere appreciation, the generous support of the following donors to the Barrington Library Campaign, as of February 5, 2020:

John and Marlene Allard
Ronald Allard
Scott Anderson
The Animal Health Center
Applewood Family Dentistry
Karl Arndt
Brett and Christine Astin
Sandy Ayer
Davie-Blue Bacich
Cilia Bannenberg
Barrington PTA
Riley and Halley Basken
The Beach Family
The Bedford Charitable Trust
Thomas W. & Mary K. Belford
R. Daniel and Nancy K. Bergeron
The Berry Family
Janine Bibeau (Usborne Books)
Traci and Ray Bisson
Andrew Blais
Blue Water Marine Service
Jen and Mike Blyer
Karolina Bodner
Sam Boduch
Douglas Bogen
Dr. Jennifer Borda and Willem Verweij
Wilfred and Ruth Breden
Jon and Karen Brickett
Michael and Linda Briggs
Dr. Lessa Brill & John Wallace
Elizabeth Brockett
Trenton Cavicchi
Lynda Brushett & Jay Corcoran
The Bukner-Snell Family
Rebecca and Dan Butcher
John and Cindy Cafasso
Calef Highway Auto
Calef’s Since 1969 LLC
George and Arvilla Calef
Dan and Joyce Cappiello
Kevin and Jessica Carson
The Casella Family
Tom and Lorie Chase
Lydia Cupp
Kathy Curran
Mary Erin Dellea and Rudolf James
Bob and Fran DiTursi
D.M. Burns Security, Inc.
Jameson Doore
Cheryl Downing
Robert Drew
Carolyn Driscol
Nancy Driscoll
John and Jennifer Dube
Chris and Julia Dundorf
Edward Jones/David Ranson
The Elliott Family
Joe and Nancy Ellis
Ellie Escabi
Iris and John Estabrook
Simone and Richard Evans
Denise Fecteau
Libby Feuer and David Allain
Dan and Karyn Forbes
Ken and Sharon Fortin
Susan Frankel
Friends of Barrington Library
FSB Charitable Foundation
John Gale
Anne and Robert Garceau
Caroly George
EarthShift Global
Susan and Tony Gaudiello
Robert J. Gibson Jr. and Joseph A Marquette III
Katy Gika-Voss
Roger and Patricia Gingrich
Karen and Rob Glew
Maya Glos and Ted Walsh
Trudi Googins
Eugene Grossi
Kenneth and Holly Grossman
Ben, Nikki, Sam and Jimmy Guntz
Karen Hagen
Holly Harris
Marie Harris and Charter Weeks
Tia and Bob Hackett
Karl and Susan Hahn
Barbara Hayes
Richard and Patricia Helminski

The Hilfiker Family
Claudine and Jason Hill
Luanne Hill
Leighton and Sheila Holt
Susan Howarth
Immanuel Insurance Agency
Tony and Lee Irons
Robin Jodoin
Matthew Kachaluba in membory of Ann M. Kachaluba
Adam Kohler and Sarah MacKinley
Kozy’s Pizza
Shawna Riffley Lambert
Christian and Ellen LaRocca
Linda and David Leathers
Eleanor Leeman
Pamela Lehman and Grace Lehman-Devore
Marilyn Lemos
Robert and Michelle Lemos
Brian and Rebecca Lenzi
Patrice Lenzi
Steve and Pam Lenzi
Liberty International Trucks of NH, LLC
Dr. Ted Loder
Margie and Mark Longus
Carol and Dale Loring
Manchester Monarchs
Dan & Sandy Mannschreck
Margarita’s Restaurants
The Marhefka Family
John Marshall & Tara Fulton
Skip and Sheila Marquette
Jen Mason and Tom Blaisdell
Susan, Will and Sebastian Matthews
Scott and Lindsey Maziarz
Peter and Fin McElroy
Michelle Meister and Gary Morse
Anne H. Melvin
John and Sonita Mendoza
Cara Metell and Sam McGlauglin
The Meub Family
Eberhard and Hannalore Möbius
Anthony Negron
Dan and Kim Nicols
Joe and Marci Novak
Sandra and Loren Obrey & Family
Dr. Michael J. O’Connell
OPL Charities
Panera Bread
Kristyne Pavlik
Robert and Ann Pavlik
Pam Palmquist and Jack Bingham
Lincoln C. Peirce
Gayle and Steve Perrault and family
Pet Connection
Leslie Pettigrew
Pledgeling Foundation
Keith Pratt
Milagros Y. Red Feather
Rebecca Redhouse
Michael and Joan Reitan
Peter Royce
Shanin and Scott Sansoucie
Sawicki Cavanagh Family
Diane and Ron St. Jean
Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation
Virginia Schonwold
Seacoast Energy Alternatives
The Sellers Family
Scott and Margery Shepard
Cathy and Leonard Small
Jayme and Paul Smith
Edd Snow
Speed of Sound
Professor Virginia Swain
Lily Tomaselli
Jill Taylor and Mark Widholm
Karen and Matt Towne
Turbocam International
Charles and Marcia Twombly
Melissa Vieira
Village Barn
David Weingart and Dr. Cindy Hoisington
Susan Whitcomb
Theodore Wiegand and Eleanor Kane
Bob and Helen Williams
James Woods
Ruth Ann Zsigray