Board Members

Roger Gingrich, President

Roger has lived in Barrington for eight years. His hobbies include reading mainly biographies, history, historical novels, woodworking, and gardening / landscaping. Before COVID-19, Roger spent his Friday nights dining out with his wife Patty, often in Portsmouth. Currently, they spend a quiet evening at home, most often with a glass of nice wine and a home cooked meal, followed by a good movie or reading.

“In my view Barrington needs a new public library and ideally an adequate public meeting room. The acquisition of information for intellectual growth and vitality is an essential part of human growth from youth to old age. A user-friendly, attractive public library where the people of the community of all ages can also connect with shared interests creates an endearing environment with memories and values that last a lifetime. This vision of what could be in Barrington is what inspires me to be part of the Foundation.”

Marie Harris, Vice President

Marie has lived in Barrington for 44 years. She has just one hobby these days and that’s birding and all that goes with it, from backyard spotting and contributing to state tallies, to field trips and reading fascinating memoirs and field guides by professional birders and ornithologists. A typical Friday night used to involve dinner out, a movie or play or music event. Nowadays Marie and her husband, Charter Weeks, concoct special dinners, do lots of Zooming with family and friends, and watch movies.

“I’ve been advocating for a new Library since before the “turn of the century!” I see the Foundation as one more way to help make it a reality. This public/private partnership is unprecedented and I’m proud to be part of this dynamic team.”

Kristyne Pavlik, Treasurer

Kris has lived in Barrington for 4.5 years. She enjoys reading (of course!), volunteering, and cooking. On a typical Friday night you would find Kris enjoying a delicious dinner and movie in the comfort of her home, before, during, and after COVID-19. 

“I joined [the Barrington Library Foundation] because I was new to town and wanted to meet my neighbors.  Now, I stay involved because I believe this town needs and deserves a new library.”

Rebecca Butcher

Leigh Elliott

Barrington Library Trustee, Vice President

Leigh has been a resident of Barrington since 2009. She has served on the Barrington Library Board of Trustees since 2014 and has been active with the Barrington Library Foundation since its inception. She believes that a library is the beating heart of a town and is a strong supporter of a new library and community space for Barrington. Leigh enjoys knitting, bread baking, and spending time with her family and rescue dog, Sophie. On a typical Friday night, she enjoys making a special cocktail, ordering pizza, and relaxing with her husband and daughter. 

The library has always been a place I could find a connection at either as a kid riding my bike to check out my own books, having a quiet place to study in high school and college, a place to research when looking for a job and then as a central place to meet other moms and kids when my daughter was young. The library is a place for life-long learning and holds a very special place in my heart as well as the town. I want to continue to work to help make a new library a reality for Barrington.

Melissa Huette

Barrington Library, Director

Michelle Lemos (she/her/hers)

Lindsey Maziarz (She/Her/Hers)

Barrington Library Trustee, President

Nick Phaneuf

Maureen Sawicki

Ginna Schonwald

Ginna has lived in Barrington for 35 years and was the children’s/youth librarian at the Barrington Public Library for several years (moving on to become a school librarian at Deerfield Community School for 14 years). Ginna’s hobbies include gardening, kayaking and hiking (as well as reading). Her Friday nights tend to be spent relaxing at home, though she loves going out to see a band when there is live music available and can still be home by 10 :-).

The library is a wonderful resource to our community – it provides a wonderful place for people to connect to each other, learn from each other and build a stronger community. All this in addition to providing an almost boundless wealth of information and reading material. A new library is a great investment for our community! Look at all the library has done with the resources they have now.

Karen Towne

Barrington Library Trustee

Karen has lived in Barrington for eight years. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, and hiking. On a typical Friday night you’d find her dining with friends, watching a movie, or FaceTiming with grandchildren. 

“I am excited to be part of an effort to build a state-of-the-art library in Barrington. Library staff have connected my family to the arts, books, crafts, and community.”

Clifton West Jr.

Kim Nicols

Ad hoc member