Barrington Got Sneakers?

RECYCLE. REUSE. RAISE MONEY. READ Did you know sneakers take up to 40 years to decompose? Donate them and help the Barrington Library and the planet. GOT SNEAKERS? Bring them to the bin at the recycling center. GOT QUESTIONS? E-mail What qualifies as a great donation? Condition: New Condition Description: Never worn with or without tagsContinue reading “Barrington Got Sneakers?”

Public Libraries vs. School Libraries

PUBLIC LIBRARIES SCHOOL LIBRARIES Who has access? EVERYONE Students, teachers, faculty Hours of operation Weekdays, weekends, afternoons, some holidays, year-round School calendar7a-4p or school dayLimited before & after hours Services offered Programming for all agesNotary servicesExam proctoringTech training and support Curriculum aid for students Internet access Open access internet Children’s internetProtection Act filters Accountable officialsContinue reading “Public Libraries vs. School Libraries”