April 4, 2023 Minutes

Present: Roger Gingrich (chair), Ginna Schonwald, Cynthia Hoisington, Diane St. Jean, Susan Gaudiello (Trustee chair), Liz Bolton (Library Director), Rob Gibson (visitor), Beth Brockett (remote)

Not attending: Kris Pavlik (treasurer), Rebecca Butcher (vice chair), Michelle Lemos, Maureen Sawicki

  1. Greeting
    Liz Bolton attended her first Foundation meeting and was welcomed.
  2. Approval of March 7th Minutes
    Cynthia moved to approve. Diane seconded. Approved.
  3. Finance
    Reimbursement approved for $64.12: materials purchased for March 25 ECLC Listening event.
  4. Impression of the Design Listening Event
    Attendance of approx. 53 counted – 50 Barrington residents + 5 children.
    • What was done well?
      Good advertisement about the event through several different channels and at voting day.  Comments received were that it was well organized, and attendants were “not just the usual suspects.” 
    • What would we do differently next time? 
      We didn’t have anything we felt should be done differently.
    • Review of Trustee timeline
      May 2nd 5:30 p.m. joint meeting with BLF and Trustees at which time a decision will need to be made about the new library’s location. The chair of Trustees will meet with Connor M. prior to the May 2nd meeting. Architects would like to start working on the design by early June. Potential Town Center locations would be either behind the post office (land would have to be purchased from the developer) or next to the Christmas Dove on land currently owned by HRCU or the Dove Group. 
    • Grant deadlines
      National Humanities Council grant proposal submission is due on May 17th. Letters of support needed. Requests for LOS will be sent to Barrington Select Board, Barrington Historical Society and our federal congressional delegation. Our application would be for either $500,000 (3:1 match) or $750,000 – $1M (4:1 match). The grant calls for details on the building – where, what, how much? Lack of this information will be a perceived weakness by the grant reviewers.
  5. First consideration of Data from the Design Listening Session
    • Library Site Location & Exterior Space
      Ramsdell Lane is the preferred location for most, partly due to proximity to the Rec and the ECLC, and partly because of unknowns about the Town Center. Many favored an outdoor space for congregating. Concerns were expressed that we do not duplicate presently available meeting space elsewhere in town.
    • Library Interior Space
      Space needed for teens-young adults, senior citizens, as well as young children. Multipurpose meeting space was universally recognized as a need, but there were differences of opinion on the size needed.
    • Sustainability
      Participants were clearly invested in sustainability. Natural lighting and views of the outside were considered important. “Sustainability” was acknowledged to be complex and input from experts would be expected: “There are so many levels to consider, do your homework and do it right”
    • Community Center Concept
      Strong sentiment that Barrington needs a freely accessible area for community meetings holding at least 50-75 adults. This multi-purpose room should be flexible for use by different age groups, divisible for 2 small groups to use simultaneously, have restroom access, and be available after hours. More discussion is needed about the use of the vacated BPL space. A collaborative use with the Rec was embraced.
  6. Revised by-laws of the Foundation – copy provided with the agenda. 
  7. Resignation from BLF
    Karen Towne has resigned as a member of the BLF. She will continue with her work as a Library Trustee. Her resignation was accepted with regret.

Adjournment 8:45 PM.

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