Did You Know? Series of facts

Did you know that public libraries are not becoming obsolete?

The modern-day library is much more than a building with books. They have become important places for people in a community to meet for such things as children’s story time, young students to meet to collaborate on school projects, young people to meet to work together on LEGO projects, young parents with children to get to know each other; people of all ages including those new to the town to plug into social activities such as book clubs, Yoga, group games, casual get-togethers over a cup of coffee, folks with similar interests in painting, star-gazing, knitting, perma-culture, etc.; family movie nights, help with confusing forms and applications, help with new electronic devices, and free access to information portals for books. Libraries offer a quiet place to work or read books, newspapers and magazines.

Today we’re introducing “Did you know?” This campaign will bring to light many important facts about our Barrington Public Library. Many of these facts may be common knowledge and many may be new for you. Regardless, we hope to inform and educate our community to continue the usage for our library and gain support for the new library and community center.

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