Autumn Newsletter

open book on autumn leaves and grass

The Barrington Library Foundation and Campaign Leadership Council have combined operations in the latter part of the summer as we focus on the March 10, 2020 municipal voting day. This is an all-important day for the residents of Barrington, the majority of whom see the proposed new Library and Community Center as an essential feature of our town’s function as a community committed to learning and caring for all its members. Many have shared personal stories of moving to Barrington as young families or retired individuals, not knowing anyone. One of the first places they began to meet people and form friendships was the library, whether at a story time for their children (or grandchildren), to look for a book or DVD, or to attend seminar on a topic of interest.

This notion of a library as so much more than at book repository has evolved in the age of the computer. People now use the library as a place for life-long learning, a place where a computer savvy technologist can lend a hand in understanding new hardware or software, where meetings of groups within the community can take place, where several friends might share time over a cup of coffee, where socialization of children might begin, and the list goes on – all at NO charge. This vision of what the public library has become is what has inspired and driven numerous Barrington residents over the last number of years, and, especially over the last 20 plus months, to push vigorously for a new adequately sized library and community center for our town.

The foundation and campaign leadership have dedicated themselves to an all-out effort to help Barrington residents understand the cost of and need for a new library. Most importantly, all supporters of this project must show up at the polls on March 10, 2020. To this end:

  • The Barrington Library Foundation website ( has been updated with a greatly expanded and more detailed Q&A section.
  • A presentation was made for the 9/9/19 Select Board meeting in response to their questions about fund-raising, building costs and our strategies for gaining a supermajority vote on March 10.
  • Monthly public venues have been and are being set up in Barrington to allow for engagement with the public to hear concerns and discuss contentious issues.
  • Two public meetings are to be scheduled on the library warrant article for the 2020 vote.
  • A 4 x 8 ft poster at the corner of routes 125 and 9 serves to emphasize issues a new library will successfully target.
  • The library and foundation both have a social media presence to enhance to value of the library and the variety of ways it can foster a sense of community.
  • A door-to-door campaign is planned close to the March 10 vote (and, for which residents who wish to canvass in their neighborhood are being sought) to remind everyone of the importance of voting in support of the library.
  • In conjunction with the March 10 vote, a ‘mock election’ is being planned also for March 10 to involve our children in a vote for one, or possibly more, nominated Barrington pet(s) for an honorary Barrington office.

With five months left before the March 10 municipal election (not to be confused with the New Hampshire primary vote on February 11, 2020) at which the new Library and Community Center bond vote will be taken, it is imperative that Barrington residents who support the library project go the polls to cast their vote and remind friends, family and neighbors to do the same.

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