Newsletter: Summer 2019

TAKING TIME TO LOOK BACK – There is no question that March 12, 2019 brought a great deal of disappointment to the 50+ people comprising the Barrington Public Library Staff, Trustees, Foundation, Campaign Leadership Council and Friends of the Library, not to mention 53.4% majority of Barrington citizens who went to the polls to cast their vote in support of the Article 3 bond. All of those folks deserve a great deal of thanks for the many hours of hard work to get the required 60% vote – those who brought Article 3 to the ballot and those who saw it their democratic duty to go to the polls to vote.

We recognize that March 2019 was not the first effort to replace our current and woefully inadequate town library nor was it the last. Then Foundation president Traci Bisson pulled the Foundation and Campaign Leadership Council together in April to closely examine where we succeeded and where more work was needed to be successful the next time as we plan for March 2020.

TAKING TIME TO LOOK TO THE FUTURE – This spring, Roger Gingrich was nominated and elected as Foundation President with Dan Capiello and Kris Pavlik staying on as Vice President and Treasurer, respectively. Trudi Googins was nominated and elected to serve as Secretary.  There were also several new board members elected.  In the several meetings the Foundation has had since, Roger has stressed the primary importance of increasing voter participation in the 2020 town elections- 31% voter turnout is simply inadequate by any measure.

“We Have 2020 Vision” is a statement of the Foundation’s determination to succeed in March 2020. To accomplish that, four teams have been formed to drive:  1. Marketing and Promotion, 2. Monitoring of town board meetings, 3. Planning and executing educational events and, 4. Continuing to raise funds. The Foundation has been very in-touch with sentiment expressed by some in our community, primarily focused on the cost of the proposed new Library and Community Center. The standing Building Committee along with the Foundation has worked with the firm SMP Architecture to reduce the size of the proposed structure from about 15,000 to 13,120 sq ft. These efforts, paired with other identified efficiencies have brought the anticipated cost down to under $4.5 million including the nearly $500,000 already raised by the Foundation and Campaign Leadership Council. We have had discussions with other New Hampshire town libraries who failed in their initial attempts to fund new libraries and are incorporating their critical strategies into ours going forward.

The Foundation and the entire Barrington Public Library community view the new Library and Community Center project as a highly worthwhile effort to improve greatly on the current library’s role in Barrington and make it something our children and all people of Barrington can benefit from in the decades to come. The Foundation continues to welcome input from all in Barrington and invites visits to our website: where information can be found and questions posted.

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